I understand that I am ordering a custom made design that cannot be exchanged, returned, or altered. I am aware that once I have confirmed the design details and paid for the item that I have entered into a binding contract.

I agree that all the details described in my Design Confirmation are correct. I know that 50% of my order is non-refundable should I change my mind for any reason.

I agree that I am responsible for selecting my size. I have chosen the correct size or provided accurate measurements. I will not hold hopee / label of hope responsible for clothing that does not fit due to incorrect size selection or inaccurate measurements given. I understand that fabrics have different amounts of stretch and some measurements may differ to ensure the best possible fit for my body. I know that some alterations to the pattern/design will need to be made to keep the item in proportion (e.g., pocket size, button placement, etc.).

I know that all Loft 415 / hopee / label of hope clothing is handmade and that the patterns are cut by hand and not by machine so I should not expect exact mirror images of the design(s) / pattern(s) to be made. I have made sure to point out all specific details that I would like to be as close to the original design as humanly possible.

I am also responsible for choosing my colors, prints, color layout, and design details. I know that due to the difference in computer monitors that pictures / scans of fabrics or the photographed items may not be 100% true to color in person. If I am unhappy with the colors and design details I have chosen I know that I must either loose my deposit or purchase the item at the price given to me; further alterations will not be made to completed orders.

I will never be verbally abusive, insulting, harass, or threaten harm in any of my communications.


Loft 415 / hopee / Label of Hope will keep all customer information including names, email(s), physical addresses, and size information completely private; never to be shared, sold, or viewed by any other parties.

Loft 415 / hopee / Label of Hope will make all custom ordered item(s) using the colors the customer picks and at the size requested, and any specific design/size customizations will be made as close as they possibly can.

The following are the only alterations that can be made once an item is completed:
- buttons (with the exception of buttons on patches, buttons with tabs, or button holes) can be changed if their placement is off.
- if the sleeve band length or garment bottom band length is too long they can be shortened (hemmed sleeves, hemmed shirt bottoms cannot be altered and garments cannot be lengthened).

You will always be treated with respect and courtesy, and never be insulted or verbally abused. My goal is to make your custom order a enjoyable process. Let's have some fun creating your design!

I appreciate you and your business! - Hope E