Model, Photography, Trade Agreement

I give permission to HOPE MATLOCK on behalf of LABEL OF HOPE to use my name and/or image including online use.

No personal information will be shared or published, in any format, with others outside LABEL OF HOPE. Likewise, I agree not to share or publish any personal information such as but not limited to: physical addresses, phone numbers, etcetera without the permission of the below mentioned parties.

LABEL OF HOPE will not alter or remove any company and/or name credits watermarked on the images. However, I understand that editing such as re-sizing and color modifications may be made. I fully release and defend LABEL OF HOPE against any damages or liability relating to the use of any materials. This includes photographs copied online without the publishers permission, unintentional alterations, blurring, or distortion to the original image.

My photograph or image will NOT be reproduced, printed, or sold to another party.

I waive any rights to future compensation or royalties.

I verify that I am 18 years of age or older and able to contract in my own name.

DATE:  _________________________

MODEL NAME:  _________________________________________________________

NAME/COMPANY: _______________________________________________________


The following number of garments are being shipped to me: ________

My shipping address is:

The following trade agreement has been made (check one):
[ ] Garment(s) are being loaned and shall be returned/shipped back to
LABEL OF HOPE no later than this date: ___________________________
[ ] Garment(s) are NOT to be returned
[ ] Other (describe): _____________________________________________

Name: _________________________________ Date: __________________